What are The Proper Ways to Clean or Disinfect BACtrack Skyn?

Here are instructions for cleaning BACtrack Skyn:

  • Please DO NOT place the Skyn under running water for any reason as water can damage the electronics inside the casing. 
  • To clean the Skyn, you will need a Q-tip, room-temperature water, and gentle non-scented/additive-free soap. Make a mixture of 1 cup water, a few drops soap. Then, please follow the steps below:
    • Dip a clean, soft cloth/towel into the diluted soap mixture so it is just damp, and gently wipe the band, the top of the casing, and the magnet clasp. Do NOT wipe with underside of the Skyn with the cloth/towel.
    • Then, dip a Q-tip into the diluted soap mixture, and clean the underside of the Skyn and sensor pad. Be sure the Q-tip is not soaking wet, just damp.
    • Check the additional areas of the charging port, LED window, and band junctions. Gently clean these as well with a Q-tip if needed.
  • Once this is done, repeat the same two steps above with JUST tepid water (without soap). Make sure the cloth and Q-tip are not too wet when cleaning with water.
    • Make sure the sensor pad is cleaned thoroughly with the plain water. 
    • The sensor pad should be fully air-dried afterward (preferably with the pad facing up and preferably overnight). Surface water on the membrane may block water vapor from passing through, slowing the movement of airborne ethanol and may interfere with collecting appropriate metrics.
  • Lastly, check to see if any Q-tip fluff has stuck to the Skyn.
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